GASH team was established in April 2016. The original name is called BCG(BlockChain Game) platform. Invested by game investor - Candy Fund.The company initially focused on mobile game outsourcing foundry business, and research and development cryptocurrency game platform.

2017 we officially changed its name to GameAsh(GASH), and released GASH project content, DEMO to the public. We are honored to have many supporters and sponsors. Everyone's support to make this project to proceed. We also promise that GASH will be the best Blockchain game project.

GASH is a Blockchain game platform project!

After 2020, GASH will have to start charging mechanisms.Now we only focus on helping game developers support GASH payment.And provide reward to game developers support GASH payment.Now we need community to help GASH. Help more game developers will not be exploited by the BIG platform. And promote gamers can get more benefits from game economy.

Co-founders of GASH

Isaac Yu
Isaac Yu is the main technology developer in GASH team. Since he started coding at 13, he has endless vitality and creativity. Now he leads the team of GASH to develop amazing products. He is also a talented guitarist.

Lewis Aidan
Marketing Officer
She has many years of marketing experience for advertising company, focus on the IT industry services. So Lewis has very good vision for IT technology & cryptocurrency.

Tigger Zeen
Green energy practitioners. Tigger have established photovoltaic engineering company, and mergers and acquisitions by listed company. Tigger has 15 years of experience in game development and has a deep study of blockchain technology.

Contact us:

E-mail :
WeChet ID : gash_ico
No.50, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan